Full HD Colour Megapixel Pinhole Covert Camera

The E-HEAD-CAM-MP3 is a mini covert full HD camera with pinhole lens and inter-changable covers. With it’s RAW digital video output, it has been designed to work with our E-M5DVR-3 or E-M8DVR-2 High Definition Recorders.

Full HD Colour Megapixel Pinhole Covert Camera

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  • HD Portable Digital Video/Audio Recorder
  • Built-In 5″ TFT Touchscreen Video LCD
  • Internal Motion Detection, Schedule or Continuous Manual Recording
  • Time/Date and Digital Counter for Evidence Purposes
  • Pre-Event Recording
  • Analog Camera or Megapixel Digital Camera Input
  • 500GB Internal HDD
  • +/-2.5 Hour Battery Life
  • USB2.0 for charging or download


The E-M8DVR-2T features a 500GB HDD. This is the largest sized HDD ever fitted to a portable body-worn DVR. It is able to store 5~7 days of footage.


The unit is easily configured by an on-screen-display touchscreen interface and has a single button for easy recording activation. With the single button activation, the use of the recorder by non-technical operators is made easier. The E-M8DVR-2T also features internal software motion detection. When used in this mode, the DVR only records when there is movement in front of the camera. Configurable in the menu, the user can also configure the DVR for schedule activated recording, or continuous recording. A new function provides 15~30 seconds of pre-event or pre-motion recording. This useful setting records video before an event occurs or before the user presses the record button.


Recordings can be played back via the AV output to a compatible display. Alternatively, video clips can be exported to a PC via the USB port or simply by removing the microSD card (when recording on the microSD card). These files are in a standard .AVI format and can be played back using standard video for windows players. An integrated audio speaker allows review of audio when playing back video on the unit.


In order to support the video evidence in court or through a legal or organisational process, the unit has several security features. These include a time/date stamp which is overlayed onto the video and a digital evidence counter which is also overlayed onto the video. The evidence counter alows one to prove a video frame has not been removed or tampered with. Another feature is the software audit trail. All functions performed on the recorder are saved to an audit log which can be reviewed. Lastly, the unit can be configured with a password to prevent USB downloading of footage or operation of the device.

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