Cloud Access Control & Visitor Management System


EvTrack is a cloud-based access control software solution incorporating physical access control, visitor registration and health/safety screening functionality.

It has been designed to provide organisations, companies and residential buildings with a robust tool for controlling access into and out of a site.

A major advantage of the product is it’s support for a variety of security hardware devices including QR Code Scanners, Number Plate Recognition Cameras, access/control readers and rugged handheld scanners.

The EvTrack software can be configured for the level of security required at the site with an emphasis on either entry or exit or high security for both.

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  • Pre-Registration or Adhoc Registration @ Entry Points.
  • Guard Log-In for Audit Trail Purposes (Username, RFID or Biometric).
  • Web interface For Management, Pre-Registration & Setup.
  • Individual Profile Card Created for Each User or Visitor.
  • Multiple Credential Types, Levels and Combinations (i.e Numberplate, Pin, Access/Control Tag, ID Number, License Disk).
  • Visitor OTP sent via email or SMS.
  • User Black List with Notification on Handheld Device.
  • Support for scanning of drivers licenses, IDs and vehicle license disks.
  • Full system audit trail of visitor and contractor visits.


Credentials are created which can be used in a combination for higher security or alone for ease of use. As an example a numberplate credential can be created to allow free automated entry by an authorised individual, but on exit he/she would need to show a drivers license, have a vehicle disc scanned and the numberplate matched before they can exit.


Evtrack has a feature allowing visitor stickers to be printed by the security officer or receptionist at the access/control point.  We interface with a range of Bluetooth or Ethernet printers to allow us to do this. Visitor stickers or cards are printed with a QR code, allowing security to verify visitors at any stage or log them out of the site when they leave. Visitor labels can also be set to expire.


  • POPI Compliance: Yes
  • Encryption (Btw Server & Device): 256-bit
  • Encryption (For Info Stored On Device): 256-bit
  • Offline Operation: Yes
  • Drivers License Scanning Supported: Yes (PDF417)
  • Vehicle License Disc Scanning Supported: Yes
  • Audit Trail: Yes
  • Multiple User Security Levels: Yes
  • Access/Control Hardware Supported: 2N, Cipherlabs, Chainway.
  • LPR Cameras Supported: Tattile
  • Databases Supported: MySQL, SQL, MariaDB

Cloud Access Control & Visitor Management System

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