Color Micro Snake Camera with Cone-Shaped Pinhole Lens

The E-S288-3V is a color 1/4″ micro snake camera. It utilises a new generation of CMOS sensor which allows all the electronics to sit in the head of the camera making it very small and ideal for covert installations.


  • Lens: 3.3 mm Cone Pinhole Lens (F2.0)
  • Sensor: 1/4″ Colour CMOS
  • Resolution: 380 TVL
  • S/N Ratio: 50 dB
  • Min. Illumination: 1 Lux
  • Video Output: PAL 1V p~p 75 ohm
  • Audio: Yes, Microphone attached to Cable Assembly
  • Power: 5 ~ 12VDC @ 50 mA
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to 45degreesC
  • Dimensions (mm): 8.6 x 8.6 x 17

The E-S288-3V has a 3.3mm pinhole lens with a good aperature of F2.0. This coupled with the new generation sensor makes it quite suitable for use in most lighting conditions. It really can go down to the 1 lux it mentions in the feature points.

Measuring an amazing 8.6 x 8.6  x 17mm, the E-S288-3V can be installed in areas where larger mini cameras cannot fit. The output of the camera is a full frame rate standard PAL composite video signal which can be connected to any DVR with a PAL video input. A pre-amplified audio microphone is attached to the cable assembly for users wanting audio feedback. The operating voltage the camera can handle is between 5VDC and 12VDC allowing it to be powered by one of our body-worn DVRs. The power consumption is half that of covert CCD cameras (50mA).

The E-M12DVR-HD is a 720P HD covert camera disguised as a coffee-cup lid. It integrates a recorder, rechargeable battery and hi-sensitive audio microphone. Ideal for covert mobile surveillance applications, it is able to fit most standard coffee cups. The camera compartment is hidden from view even if the lid is removed.

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