2Ch Compact Vehicle SD Video Recorder with GPS

The E-MDVR-200S is an in-vehicle digital video and audio recorder. Extremely compact it has 2 external video inputs and 2 audio line inputs. An external GPS receiver provides GPS tracking data with the video and audio footage.


  • Compact H.264 Vehicle Recorder
  • 2 x Camera & 2 Audio Inputs
  • 2 x Alarm Inputs & 1 x Alarm Relay Output
  • SD Card For Storage
  • GPS Receiver
  • 3-Axis G Shock Sensor
  • Ethernet Interface for Networking
  • 10~32VDC Input


With video input connections for 2 x Analog Video Cameras, the E-MDVR-200S is able to record each video channel at full D1 resolution at real-time (25fps) per channel. It has software configurable recording with options for event activated or continous recording. In the event mode a trigger from one of the alarm inputs, manual record button on the remote or the G-Shock sensor activates the recording. The G-shock sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted to trigger when the vehicle moves or if it is involved in an accident or simply if the vehicle breaks harshly.


Extremely easy to use, the E-MDVR-200S includes a software client application for video and data playback. For playback the user removes the SD card from the recorder and places it into a compatible PC SD card slot. Alternatively, the user can download the video over a network connection or do a backup via the onboard USB port.

Video and audio information is syncrhonised with the GPS data received and stored on the SD card. If the PC has an internet connection, GoogleEarth is automatically opened in a window adjacent to the video. The video plays back while simultaneously tracking the vehicle on the google earth map. Users can also click on the GoogleEarth vehicle route and the video will playback from that location. This is useful when users wish to protect goods in transit and view the reason why a vehicle has stopped at a certain location.


Control of the DVR is via the IR remote control, via a web browser or via a plug-in USB mouse.


The E-MDVR-200S is able to operate off a vehicle’s battery or a DC voltage between 10~32VDC. It also features surge protection and programmable on/off settings. The user can program the DVR to switch off after a period of time after the driver has turned off the ignition. This helps to protect against vehicle battery drain.


    • Video Inputs: 2 x Composite Video (PAL)
    • Compression: H.264
    • Audio Inputs: 2 x Line Inputs
    • Main Monitor Output: 1 x Composite Video
    • Recording Modes: Continuous, Motion Activated, Alarm Input or G-Shock Sensor Activated recording
    • Recording Resolution: 704×576 (D1), 704×288 (2CIF) or 352×288 (CIF)
    • Recording Frame Rate: 25fps per channel @ D1
    • Pre-Alarm Recording: Yes (5 Seconds)
    • Storage: Removable SD/SDHC/SDXC Card (with support upto 64GB SDHC)
    • GPS: External GPS Antenna with Mini-Din Connector
    • Movement Sensor: 3-axis G-Shock Sensor
    • Alarm I/O: 2 x Alarm Inputs & 1 x Alarm Relay Output
    • Serial I/O: 1 x RS232, 2 x USB
    • Networking: 10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface
    • Supported Protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP, PPPoE/DDNS/SMTP/SSL/POP3/HTTP/NTP
    • Voltage Range: 10~32VDC
    • Dimensions: 131 x 38.4 x 153 mm
    • Operating Temp: -10 to +55°C
    • Weight: 600g


This device’s compact size allows easy installation most scenarios; such as inside a vehicle, fast deployment at a temporary site, or portable battery-powered surveillance.

The E-M12DVR-HD is a 720P HD covert camera disguised as a coffee-cup lid. It integrates a recorder, rechargeable battery and hi-sensitive audio microphone. Ideal for covert mobile surveillance applications, it is able to fit most standard coffee cups. The camera compartment is hidden from view even if the lid is removed.

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