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Intrinsically Safe PTZ Driver (Explosive-Proof)

MSRP Starting Price: R 20,869.00

Product Datasheet


  • 17 functions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Auto, Washer, Wiper, Zoom tele, Zoom wide, Focus near, Focus far, Iris open, Iris close, Aux1, Aux2, Aux3, Aux4
  • Power supplied to the camera: 12 VDC max. 350 mA (AUX1) and 24 VAC max. 180 mA (AUX)
  • 2 Dry contacts: range 1A 24 VAC (AUX3, AUX4)
  • 999 selectable addresses
  • Serial input selectable between RS232 / Current Loop / RS485

This PTZ driver is for use with our explosive proof pan/tilt units. The E-EXTRX324 driver features 17 functions which include presets and alarms. It allows the complete control of the E-EXPT. Its housing is IP55 rated and is certified EEX IIC T6 allowing installation in flammable or hazardous environments.

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E-EXTRX324 Intrinsically Safe PTZ Driver (Explosive-Proof) R 20,869.00