Covert Video/Audio


Stand-Alone Video/Audio Covert Kits

Our range of video/audio kits are quickly deployable surveillance products for covert or hidden applications. These video and audio recording products are disguised as everyday items, feature onboard digital video recording and can be used by end-users, law enforcement, investigators or security professionals.

Body-Worn Covert Camera Recorders

These surveillance products are designed for body-worn or carry use. They are suitable for use by law enforcement, investigators or security professionals for secret video and audio recording of interviews, meetings or operational activites such as undercover stings. Some models feature WiFi transmission for remote viewing.

Portable Covert Video Recorders

These recorders have been designed for applications requiring a portable recording device with seperate camera. This could be for a vehicle surveillance application or for a client wanting to use the device in his/her own ‘hide’ or concealment. They feature integrated battery power as well as inputs for video cameras and/or audio microphones. Some models feature WiFi or wired IP connections for remote or PC transmission.

Covert Audio Recorders

EvTrack is a unified visitor management and access control solution for managing access by visitors, contractors, residents and tenants to a site. It is available as a cloud-based version or on-premise server. Supporting a wide range of IP access control hardware for RFID, QR-Code, LPR or Pin-Code Access Control it is the ideal solution for users want to remotely manage single or multiple access control systems. Features include access control scheduling, badge printing, event notifications, reporting, database importing, pre-registration, watch-lists and, logbook and device manager.

Long Range Night Surveillance Cameras & Binoculars

These cameras allow long range video surveillance during day or night. They feature integrated monitors, video outputs as well as onboard SD card video recorders.

Vehicle Booms, Barriers & Turnstiles‚Äč

Turnstar produces a range of Pedestrian and Vehicle Access Control Barriers including Vehicle Booms, Vehicle Goose-necks, Full Height Turnstiles, Half-Height Turnstiles, Speed Gates, Access Control Man-traps, Traffic Lights and Vehicle Spike Systems. Stainless Steel products are also available for Harsh Mining or Marine Applications. The new Turnstar velocity vehicle boom is a third generation vehicle barrier and features red/green LED indicators on the boom arm, integrated loop detectors, battery backup, high speed DC motors, relay outputs for raised and lowered positions, as well as an embedded controller for boom operations.

Gate Automation, GSM Intercoms & Vehicle Booms

Centurion systems product a range of gate automation products including sliding gate motors (D10, D5EVO, D5 Smart), swing gate motors, wireless transmitters (Nova Range), wireless receivers and vehicle booms such as the Sector II. The Sector II is a rugged vehicle boom for vehicle access control applications and is available with different boom arm lengths and optional accessories such as a traffic lights. For wireless intercom applications they have a range of products that allow communication over the cellular network allow remote control of gates or pedestrian access control doors.
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