Power Supply for E-HEK Camera Housing

MSRP Starting Price: $ 35.00

Product Datasheet
  • 230VAC Input
  • 12VDC 350mA Output (E-OHEPS10)
  • 24VAC 350mA Output (E-OHEPS11)
  • Encapsulated PSU
  • Screw Terminal Block Connections
  • This encapsulated power supply is an accessory option for the E-HEK camera housing. It fits internally and provides 12VDC or 24VAC power for the camera from a 230VAC source.

    Ordering Information

    Item Description Price Qty
    E-OHEPS10 12VDC@350mA Output PSU for E-HEK Housing $ 35.00
    E-OHEPS11 24VAC@350mA Output PSU for E-HEK Housing $ 35.00